.: Work in Progress :.



Work Completed:


  • Graphics engine: rendering system [|CE], particle engine [Hug-E-Bear], sprite rendering [|CE], menu system [|CE].

  • Magic effects [|CE].

  • Two backgrounds [|CE].

  • A few sprites [|CE].

  • Chat system on the Java server [Hug-E-Bear].

  • Chat client [Hug-E-Bear].

  • Auto-updater system [Hug-E-Bear].

  • Some music [Morfee].

  • Newaccount and login dialogs [Teazle].

  • Installer script (only 3250bytes) - now working on crazy swedish windows [Hug-E-Bear].



To-do List:


  • Game system for the Java server.

  • More sprites.

  • More backgrounds.

  • Sound effects.

  • Some more music.

  • Dialogs for: Buy item area, buy equipment area, buy magic area, upgrade stats area, new game dialog, /whois dialog, client settings dialog.

  • Clan system (private clan chat rooms, message board, clan challenge system, etc)



People Working on the Project:


Gods: |CE and Hug-E-Bear


Helpers [who have provided (half) finished content]:

Morfee (he is the music man :o), Teazle (dialogs), tbl (logo), Squire (sound effects), Eldron (sprites + artwork), Meihan (a few sprite sheets), rnn (PHP private clan message boards).


Helpers [who have expressed interest in helping]:

Loto (sprites), Valmar (sprites), Alan (background), Squire (sprites), Braze (sprites & backgrounds)